Chun Yuen Quan

From Beijing

Chun Yuen Quan -  Adam Wallace Chinese Health and Martial Arts - MontageChun Yuen Quan -  Calligraphy  - Adam Wallace Chinese Health and Martial ArtsChun Yuen Quan - Adam Wallace - Da Bei GongChun Yuen Quan is a traditional Chinese health and fitness skill. It originated within the Northern Shaolin Kungfu tradition and later passed through the Beijing Opera, where it became assimilated and tailored for the performers’ martial art routines.

Chun Yuen Quan makes the body agile, strong, and flexible. This skill is also dynamic and stylish. It drills posture (benefiting the bones, skeleton, muscles, and joints), increases the blood circulation, brings up the Qi and Spirit, and fosters a youthful body. The skill is suitable for everyone, all ages. There are two different ways to practice – a slower version emphasizing posture for bones and joints, and the ‘Original Way’, more physically demanding and challenging, with high flying kicks, and jumps and sweeps. This is more for fitness, stamina, and agility. Unlike many martial arts, Chun Yuen Quan can be practiced into old age. This is what determines a wu-sigong-redbordersuperior skill! A martial art should keep you healthy and strong and support your life.  It should not be a liability to one’s health.

Adam Wallace continues to learn this system from his Sifu, Master Michael Tse, top student of Grandmaster Wu Chun Yuen. Grandmaster Wu was the closest student of famous Beijing Opera general Wang Ping.  He was the only master teaching this particular skill outside of the Beijing Opera to the public. After his passing, none of his students, other than Master Tse, carried on his teachings. This skill could so easily have disappeared.

Chun Yuen Quan - Master Michael Tse - Adam Wallace Chinese Health and Martial ArtsSo, in the world today this particular skill now is exceedingly rare and unique! When his teacher passed away in 2003, Master Tse renamed the skill ‘Chun Yuen Quan’ in honor of his teacher (‘Chun Yuen’ being his given name, and ‘Quan’ translating as ‘fist’ or ‘boxing’), and also to differentiate this skill from the original Shaolin Temple Kungfu.

The syllabus includes empty-hand forms such as Xing Shou, Da Bei (Great Sadness) Gong, and Er Lian Quan, as well as weapons, including Damo Staff, Green Dragon Sword, and Five Tigers Breaking The Gate Broadsword, Plum Blossom Spear, among others.