Training, Knowledge and Wisdom for Life


The Training, Knowledge and Wisdom behind all these skills is designed to…….

  • Support our Life and Enhance quality of Life.
  • Teach us About Life – how to live skillfully, simply and naturally, with integrity and dignity.
  • Be Practiced Throughout Life, for promotion of health and vitality, disease prevention, and longevity.

Life is a journey, full of challenges. It is how we face and handle these tests that determines who we are. It is important to keep going forwards, keep growing, keep learning and improving, keep refining the spirit, and become better human beings. This is real internal alchemy – starting with a raw, gross, impure substance and turning it into something refined, pure, shining and beautiful – something of true value! The raw material may be a Body that is imbalanced, unhealthy, in pain, weak, and clumsy, or a Mind that is ignorant, delusional and a slave to the emotions, or a Heart that may be hardened, closed, numbed, and blocked to all the experiences (both joyful and painful) of Life. No matter what, regular practice always effects positive and quantifiable change.

  • Training covers many practical ways of developing the physical body internally and externally, improving health, strength, stamina, balance, co-ordination (fostering the Mind-Body connection), and balancing the mind and emotions.
  • Knowledge is based upon centuries of human experience with both health/ healing and martial arts, and practical application of the Theories of Yin and Yang, 5 Elements, and Traditional Chinese Medicine (Acupuncture Theory).
  • Wisdom comes from the 3 Pillars of Chinese Philosophy – Daoism, Buddhism, and Confucianism. Most Qigong or Chinese Martial Arts skills are rooted in one, or all, of these teachings, which means there is a strong moral fiber running through them.

In these globally testing times, as we are becoming physically  weaker, sicker, and less mobile and agile, as our minds are becoming restless and impatient (with widespread Attention Deficit Disorder), and unable to think critically and see the truth, and our hearts are becoming aggressive, lacking empathy, full of hate and fear, it has become vital, now more than ever, to raise our physical health, (and self-defense capabilities), raise our integrity/ morality, and raise our spirituality, and consciousness, necessary for our very survival!

All traditional Chinese Skills that have been properly preserved cover Training, Theory and Philosophy to live by. This is what makes them complete, and vastly superior to the common fad fitness exercises, and fighting methods, that do not consider and develop Qi, Mind, and Heart/ Spirit.